June 2023 - we have decided to discontinue this product. We thank all users for using it. No further development is planned. The download of the last version is still possible here for a while.


DoNext is a useful Freeware desktop tool for taking quick notes. You can minimize it if you click on the red left border or by pressing key ESC:

Screenshot of DoNext

Screenshot of DoNext

The size and numbers of columns and rows can be adjusted (with the small symbols ).


Download DoNext (December 2022)

Please aknowledge that you accept with your download our End-user License Agreement.

Click here to download it now for Windows® 32-Bit:

DoNext download (for Windows® 32-Bit)


Click here to download it now for Windows® 64-Bit:

DoNext download (for Windows® 64-Bit)



Does not need a setup:

  1. download the ZIP file
  2. un-zip
  3. start DoNext
  4. optional: create a shortcut on the desktop or in the quick launch bar


DoNext some Features

  • small - and only one exe file
  • no installation needed
  • no account needed
  • flexible (look at the screenshots)
  • saves a tasklist in an customizable table
  • can be shrinked with one click or key ESC
  • saves automatically
  • skin-able



These sceenshots show the wide possible use scenarios of DoNext:

Screenshot DoNext saves a tasklist in an customizable table

DoNext on the Windows Desktop


Screenshot DoNext can be shrinked to a small bar or icon
Minimized (Expand with a click!)


Screenshot DoNext simple list
Simple lists with only one column


Screenshot DoNext shows example with two columns
Two columns, one for today and one for tomorrow


Screenshot DoNext create complex lists with many columns
You can create complex lists with many columns

Screenshot DoNext right click menu with all options
Right click menu with all options


How to use and change Skins

For Skins (optional) the Notesbrowser Skins are used.

Skins can be used and changed easily if you have installed Notesbrowser. The Skins can then be used if DoNext is located in the Notesbrowser Plugins folder.

Or you create a skins folder in the folder where DoNext is located, for example: C:/Program Files/DoNext/Skins/Royal

If this "Royal" folder contains the Notesbrowser Skin Royal, it will work and you can select the skin from the menu within DoNext.

It's easiest if you use DoNext.exe in the Notesbrowser plugin path .../Notesbrowser/Plugins/