DoNext Features

  • saves a tasklist in an customizable table
  • very flexible (look at the screenshots below!)
  • easy and simplistic
  • stays in the foreground above other windows
  • can be shrinked to a small bar or icon
  • more rows and columns can be added
  • size of the tool can be changed from small to screen filling
  • columns can be centered, left or right
  • header line can be changed and be made bold
  • table cell lines can be switched off
  • saves automatically
  • this tool is only one file big (two with data)
  • doesn't need a installation
  • uses nearly no system ressources



These sceenshots show the wide possible use of DoNext:

Screenshot DoNext saves a tasklist in an customizable table

DoNext in it's natural environment, the Desktop (Skin Vista)


Screenshot DoNext can be shrinked to a small bar or icon
Collapsed to a small bar (Expand it with a click!)


Screenshot DoNext simple list
Also you can create simple lists with only one column (Standard skin)


Screenshot DoNext shows example with two columns
This is an example with two columns, one for today and one for tomorrow


Screenshot DoNext create complex lists with many columns
You can create complex lists with many columns (Skin Clean Mode-blue)

Screenshot DoNext right click menu with all options
Here you can see the right click menu with all options (Skin Clean Mode-brown)


Click here to download it now:

DoNext download (for Windows® 32-Bit)

Please be aware the if you download you accept our End-user License Agreement.


How to use and change Skins

For Skins the Notesbrowser Skins are used. This means Skins can only be changed if you have installed Notesbrowser. The Skins can be used if DoNext is located in the Notesbrowser Plugins folder. Or you create a skins folder in the folder where DoNext is located, for example: C:/Program Files/DoNext/Skins/Vista

If this "Vista" folder contains the Notesbrowser Skin Vista, it will work and you can select the skin from the menu within DoNext.

It's easiest if you use DoNext.exe in the Notesbrowser plugin path .../Notesbrowser/Plugins/ 



DoNext is available in English, Dutch and German. If you are interested to translate it to a different language, contact us!


DoNext is free. You don't need to buy it! If you want to support this tool, you can donate here an amount of your choice (suggested are $10 USD) to our development team:

Thank you for your support!

Have fun with this tool!

Your Wave Team!